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Online Proofing

Using our Online Proofing system you can quickly and easily recieve and submit the Sign-Off status of proofs for your job.

What is Online Proofing?

We offer a unique Online Proofing service that allows you to view a proof of rendered data in PDF format. Because it is a rendered file from our PDF workflow system, what is displayed in the PDF is exactly how the image will print.

Due to differences in colour gamut between an RGB monitor and CMYK press or printer, the PDF Proof should be used to view layout, trapping and general colour overview.

For fine colour detail we recommend contract proofs such as our SWOP Certified Proofs; or you can come in for a press approval.

Online Proofing Benefits

Save money on proofing. Online Proofing is a proofing system that we offer free of charge!

The provided PDF Proof can either be in single page format, or you can view the imposed flat if desired.

Have your entire team view the PDF Proof from multiple locations, without the courier costs or delays.

Once the PDF has been downloaded you can print it on your desktop printer or office plotter. If needed you can keep the PDF proof for your own records.

Getting Started

If you already have an Online Service Account (FTP Account) then your ready to go! Simply request Online Proofing on your next job. If you dont have an account you can sign up now.

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